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Kid Friendly Yoga!

A moderate but strong flow, accessible to everyone. Strengthen, stretch, breathe - experience the power in being present. Adults are welcome to come, with or without kids! Kids will be able to play in the room, while the adults practice. (Toys will be provided).


Mondays in Torrington


Starts Sept. 17th!

Regular drop-in rates apply or use your pass

Coming in October!


Blacklight Yoga with Andrew

Torrington Studio

Friday, Oct 19th


Backbending Workshop with Caitlin

Canton Studio

Sunday, Oct 14th


Yin Yoga & Meditation Training

Foundations Module


Sagel Urlacher

Nov 9-12

Torrington Studio

Visit to register


Yin Yoga & Meditation is a powerful, healing combination of yin exercise to balance the body with Mindfulness Meditation practices to train the heart and mind in compassion. In this quiet, powerful practice, students explore the radical art of stillness while experiencing the transformative Applied Mindfulness practices taught by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and other important contemporaries.

In Yin Yoga & Meditation, the poses are “mini-meditation sessions,” supporting the development of your emotional toolbox, a mind that is steadier and less reactive, and the ability to live in greater harmony with ourselves and with the world around us. This meditative approach provides deeper access to both body and mind and enhances physical and emotional attention and intention on and off the mat. This class opens a generous gateway to the present moment, helping to cultivate a peaceful mind and a body at home with itself.


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