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The Role Model Method®


Thu Maraia


Each class will use The Roll Model® Method to target specific areas in your body that are catalysts for pain and restrictions. You will learn how to use these therapy balls to offer instant RELIEF, ERASE pain, IMPROVE your posture. Class is recommended for yogis, desk warriors, fitness enthusiasts and any one recovering from an injury or living with chronic pain. Therapy balls will be provided in class for use. 


Oct. 20th, Torringon:


Spine & Core


Nov. 17th, Canton:


Hips & Low Back

December, 8th Torrington:




$20 Drop In - Sanctuary Passes do not Apply

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Blacklight Yoga with Andrew

Torrington Studio

Friday, Oct 19th



Join Andrew for a fun & funky class taught under black light & set to '80s music!

Dig into your closet to find your favorite '80s outfit - white or light colors glow best under the blacklight:)





Pre-Natal Yoga




November 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th

Torrington Studio


Pre- registration required

This 4 week series focuses on both the physical body as well as the mind. Linking yoga postures with breath and bringing awareness to the mind, body and the connection with your baby.

We'll focus on breathing techniques in order to prepare for childbirth, techniques for strengthening the uterus & pelvic muscles, & poses to aid digestion & circulation. We'll also address any other comfort issues as they arise. Moms will be given tools & techniques to help them feel prepared and supported.
Each week we will build off the previous & we'll take time at the start of class to check in and share.

Yin Yoga & Meditation Training

Foundations Module


Sagel Urlacher


check back for new dates soon



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