There's Power in Every Practice


Where should I start? What should I expect?
You just need to take that first step into the studio. Whether you are a brand new beginner or seasoned yogi, truly you can come to any of our classes. Pace yourself, practice at your level, rest when needed.
You don't need to be "flexible" or have "done yoga" before. If you have them, bring a mat, towel & water. If not, we rent mats & towels & sell water. Wear comfortable clothes that you would wear for a work-out & be prepared to sweat. For your first class, arrive about 15 minutes early to get settled in.

Expect to feel empowered & uplifted & at peace when you leave.


Power Flow classes are heated to 90-95 degrees. The heat helps open the body - don't be afraid to sweat!

Open Flow classes are heated to 80-85 degrees.

Slow Flow may not have any added heat, depending on the time of year.


Sanctuary Power Flow

(hot/room temp 90-95 degrees)

This is our signature class. You'll probably find yourself doing quite a few chatarungas (low pushup pose) & maybe playing around with arm balances, but these classes are absolutely accessible to everyone. After a few classes, you'll start to recognize "the flow"...if you've been practicing for a while, you might even find it familiar on your first visit. Make no mistake though - every class is different! And you will find yourself getting stronger, more flexible & more at ease on your mat & in your life. In these classes, like all our classes, we encourage you take your time, rest when you need to & adjust the practice so that it works for you.

Sanctuary Open Flow

(warm/room temp 80-85 degrees)
A moderate but strong flow, accessible to everyone. Like all our classes, structure so that you can amp it up, or take it down. Strengthen, stretch, breathe - experience the power in being present. If you're new unsure about about yoga or our classes, this is a good place to start.


Sanctuary Slow Flow with Meditation

(room temp 70-75 degrees)

Coming in January!
A great class for beginners or anyone who wants to slow down, stretch & learn more about alignment & breathing. Class will close with a short guided meditation, followed by sivasana.





We believe that there is power in every yoga practice. But we recognize that our heated Power Flow classes are not for everyone. That's why we also offer Open Flow, Slow Flow & Gentle/Restorative Flow classes. We truly believe this yoga is for every-body. And while you may not be able to everything in your first class, the way the practice helps you feel will keep you coming back.


In our flow classes, you'll move with your breath, bringing awareness to this breath & this moment & giving you the tools to be present on your mat & in your life. We believe that being present connects you to your power & allows you to move through your life with more ease & grace.

This is a practice that focuses on the physical, but offers so much more. Through the asanas (physical poses) you'll strengthen your physical body, but you'll find that you are taking care of your whole being - body, mind, heart, spirit. And whichever class you choose, you will leave feeling connected & feeling better.

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