Breathe. Sweat. Transform.

Thu Maraia

Thu H. Maraia is a health and wellness enthusiast, with background in dance fitness & strength training group class. She is also a certified Yoga Tune Up® Teacher & The Roll Model® Method practitioner. In each Yoga Tune Up® class, she teaches her students the nuts & bolts of human movement using a yogic lense of awareness, conscious relaxation & proper breathing techniques. Thu brings a unique "Fitness Therapy" approach that
integrates a blend of innovative sequences derived from classical yoga, calisthenics, body
therapy & self massage (using The Roll Model® Method). Thu travels to yoga studios, gyms, CrossFit boxes & Corporate Wellness centers teaching workshops and clinics. Thu continues
to educate herself thru YTU workshops, functional movement trainings & enjoys passing this knowledge to her students. She brings a different modality to share with her students that teaches them to help restore their bodies.

Thu Maraia instructs the following:
  • Yoga Tune Up - Special Pass Required
  • For Yogis, this therapy program will increase the healing benefits of yoga & enhance your practice. For desk warriors, fitness enthusiasts, CrossFitters, stay at home moms, and those recovering from an injury, this unique system can help erase pain, improve posture & foster
    healing, so you can keep doing the activities you love.
    No Yoga experience needed, all fitness levels are welcome. The Roll Model® Method Therapy balls will be offered for use in class. Sanctuary Passes do not Apply.
    4 class pass: $65 non-members, $50 - Sanctuary Members.