Breathe. Sweat. Transform.

Melanie Sedlack

I first began practicing yoga as a compliment to my dance training during my late teens - it was a much needed balance for me, living the life of a competitive dancer. Later on in my life, I practiced on and off when I could find the time, while juggling married life & motherhood. Like many of us do, I began to put everyone else's needs before my own & pretty quickly I felt my life taking on an imbalanced quality. After the birth of our 3rd child, I began to practice yoga daily, right in my living room. Soon, I realized that I could have a much deeper awareness and understanding of myself from the inside out through my yoga practice. There was less emphasis on how I looked or performed physically, and a greater emphasis on how I was feeling mentally and emotionally. I decided to take my journey from inside my living room, into the yoga community at Sanctuary Power Yoga. After my first class with Heather, I was hooked and within 6 months I decided to commit to Sanctuary's 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. Being guided through this Yoga Teacher Training was by far one of the greatest experiences of my life! The support & guidance allowed me to take the risks I had been too afraid to take for much of my life. Most of all, speaking in front of a group of people and believing at the same time that what I have to offer is unique, full of value & worthwhile to others! I am joyfully committed to growing as a student and as a teacher of yoga. I look forward to making a connection with the Sanctuary Power Yoga community!

Melanie Sedlack instructs the following:
  • Sanctuary Power Flow
  • Our signature class. An energizing flow that connects you to your power. A full body workout, meditation in motion. Be ready to breathe...sweat...and experience transformation! Open to students of all levels.