There's Power in Every Practice

Amanda Halloran

After struggling for years with a series of unhealthy choices and behaviors, including an eating disorder and depression, I was finally able to find balance and restoration in my life through yoga. I started off doing yoga in my bedroom - watching videos and listening to tapes. I was at first hesitant to go to a class, and felt very unnerved by the idea people looking at me, and judging me. Slowly this fear lessened, and I made it to my first Vinyasa class.  I realized very quickly that people weren't staring at me or judging me. I slowly began to completely let go of fear that I had. It was  not long after my first real class that I knew that I wanted to teach yoga.  Yoga has allowed me to change my life dramatically through persistent practice with others, as well as by myself - yoga has transformed my life in so many ways. My mission is to spread my knowledge of yoga to those I teach, and allow space for students to find their own balance and healthy lifestyle.

Amanda Halloran instructs the following:
  • Sanctuary Power Flow
  • Our signature class. An energizing flow that connects you to your power. A full body workout, meditation in motion. Be ready to breathe...sweat...and experience transformation! Open to students of all levels.

  • Pre-Natal Yoga
  • This 4 week series focuses on both the physical body as well as the mind. Linking yoga postures with breath and bringing awareness to the mind, body and the connection with your baby.

    We'll focus on breathing techniques in order to prepare for childbirth, techniques for strengthening the uterus & pelvic muscles, & poses to aid digestion & circulation. We'll also address any other comfort issues as they arise. Moms will be given tools & techniques to help them feel prepared and supported.
    Each week we will build off the previous & we'll take time at the start of class to check in and share.