Breathe. Sweat. Transform.

Heather Rems Korwin

Owner - Sanctuary Power Yoga
My introduction to yoga came with practicing yoga with videotapes in my living room. After time, and with some prodding from a friend, I ventured into my first heated, power yoga class. I loved it. It was an experience unlike any other. Before that, I had been a dancer, a swimmer, a runner, a biker, a gym enthusiast. But after that first class, I knew yoga was it for me. Yoga means "union" & that is what I feel every time I get on my mat. My body, my breath, my mind, my spirit - all united. I feel whole & connected. Yoga has transformed me & the way I live my life. It seemed a natural progression for me, then, to become a teacher of yoga. To share what I love about this practice with others. And every time I teach, I learn more about myself. I have been teaching heated power yoga for more than 10 years & have been blessed to train, practice & work with many, many gifted & inspirational teachers. In March 2011, my family & I moved from the Boston area, back to Connecticut where I grew up. When the opportunity to open Sanctuary Power Yoga presented itself to me, it was literally a dream come true. I am thrilled to be able to bring this type of yoga to the area & to be able to create sacred space where people can come together to practice & share their time & energy. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or have never tried yoga before, I personally invite you to join me for a class at Sanctuary Power Yoga. To breathe, sweat & experience transformation for yourself.

Heather Rems Korwin instructs the following:
  • Sanctuary Foundations Flow (warm)
  • (Formerly Slow Flow) Incorporating many of the poses included in our Power & Open Flow classes, this class moves at a slower pace & with a greater focus on alignment & breath. This class will help you to build & strengthen the foundations of your practice & while still increasing strength & flexibility. Open to students of all levels.

  • Sanctuary Power Flow
  • Our signature class. A challenging flow that reconnects you to your power. A full body workout, meditation in motion. Be ready to breathe...sweat...and experience transformation! Open to students of all levels.

  • 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training
  • Open to anyone who has completed a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Program. You do not need to be teaching to take this training. This 300 hour teacher training is intended for yoga teachers who have completed a 200 hour program (or higher) & is designed to deepen & broaden your knowledge of yoga & teaching. Over the course of 13 months, you will also have the time & opportunity to put what you learn into practice.
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  • Sanctuary Open Flow (warm)

  • Sanctuary Open Flow
  • Where Foundations & Power meet. A middle of the road practice - still there's nothing average about this class. Where Foundations & Power meet. A middle of the road practice - still there's nothing average about this class. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or are just getting onto your mat, modifications & variations will be offered to help you customize your practice. You can amp it up, or ease off depending on your mood & practice. Open to students of all levels - heated room.