There's Power in Every Practice

Self Care Sunday - A Gentle, Restorative Class

This class is taught by:

Kathy Campbell

I spent time exploring many different styles and practices of yoga & the traditions of a yoga lifestyle. I began practicing yoga regularly in 2008 & fell in love with Vinyasa Flow (Power) yoga. I am passionate about teaching students to link breath and movement - to immerse themselves in breath & be in the present moment, to let go and connect body, mind and spirit while moving through a physical practice. I strive to create a class & space that allows students the opportunity to open their mind & trust their intuition - exploring what breath and body can create on the mat which leads to coloring outside the lines off the mat..taking their practice into their everyday life.
Restore, recharge & relax in this gentle, restorative class. Gently move through some postures to release any tension built up from your day. Then allow your body to soften into postures supported with blocks & blankets. Room will be comfortably warm.
passes accepted - drop in rates apply

Upcoming classes:

  • Sun Jan 27 10:15 am - 11:00 am with Kathy Campbell
    at Canton