Breathe. Sweat. Transform.
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Welcome to Sanctuary Power Yoga
Sanctuary Power Yoga is built on accessibility & community. We believe this yoga is for every-body, regardless of your prior experience with yoga, sports or the gym. We offer heated & unheated power yoga classes that will challenge you in a way that is unlike any other physical workout. This yoga will strengthen & transform your body, quiet your mind & renew your spirit. We created this space so that you can step out of your busy life & make room for yourself. When you step onto your mat & begin to move &'ll feel it. The real power in this yoga is yours. We believe that when you reclaim your power on your mat, you can then bring it with you into your life & experience real transformation.
Sanctuary is a Community - people come in as strangers & leave as friends. In a world of technology & disconnection, we've created an environment that encourages connection.
We invite you to join us for class, to become a part of our community. To breathe, move, sweat & experience transformation for yourself.

Wondering what this whole yoga thing is about?
Come & find out for yourself.
Enjoy your first month of unlimited yoga
for only $30 (plus tax)



New Date:
Sunday, March 26th


The Chakras are the 7 major energy centers in your body - they align with different physical centers.
When energy flows freely through the chakras, we feel balanced & powerful & are able to flow through life more easily.
This annual class is an awesome opportunity to bring your physical & energetic being into alignment & to move into the New Year with enthusiasm & grace.
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300 Hour
Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Coming September 2017

for more information

Beginner's Series
with Melissa
Saturdays 11:15am -12pm

January 21- February 25
$60 for series
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